What should I write about? How’s about your mom!

I don’t watch sports so sometimes when people mention names like Albert Pujols I have to pretend like I know what they’re talking about or change the subject.

Or I just say “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Say something that is interesting to me.” and if they try to keep talking about sports or some other thing I don’t understand like asp.net I just throw my hand up and do my best “not interested” sideways head-tilt. That really pisses them off. You shouldn’t do that unless you are ready to throw down.

I asked “James (xamichee.net)”:http://xamichee.net what this post should be about and he had an idea:

bq. James: make a poll! have people choose you a new hobby!! make one of the choices Baseball Cards!!! allow the same person to vote more than once!!!!

but that would require programming and I don’t like to program unless someone is paying me and that is why I use “textpattern”:http://textpattern.com to make what you are looking at right now.