From 8-year-old Justin’s Journal

August 23, 1990

Hi, My name is Justin. I like anfibyens and reptiles a lot but what I like the best are creapy slimy and craly things like worms. I like animals that bite like crabs and snapping turtles. I got a pet box turtle that is the same as a snaping turtle if it bites you it could rip youre finger of but I still feed it with my bear hands. I even hold animals that bite lik that when there allive.

Mixed Holidays

I almost titled this “Joint Holidays”, but then I remembered that was a couple days ago. Lame Joke!

Kari: Today is both Good Friday and Earth Day!
Justin: Good Earth Fri- Day?
Kari: We should fry something
Justin: We should fry the Earth
Kari: We already are
Justin: Yeah. We should plant something

Lowes is giving away trees tomorrow. Go get yours and plant it in celebration of the earth God gave us to love and care for.

Day 2 of raising our 4 year old

Today, as we pulled into the parking lot of Nathan’s school, Nathan was excited to see his friend and asked if we could sit on the bench with him and his mom while they wait for the teacher.

“Sure”, I said as I unbuckled him from his carseat. Then we walked over to the other side of the van to get Topher. Nathan hopped up into the van and stood next to me. He then very seriously asked me if his friend is black.

I was taken aback by his question. The subject of skin color had never come up before and naturally he was curious. I stopped unbuckling Topher to give my full attention to our conversation.

I answered: “Yes, he is black”.

“What color am I?” he asked.

“You’re white.” I told him.

“What about Topher?”

“He’s white, too. You see, God put lots of different colors in the world to make it very beautiful and special. You and Topher both have blonde hair, I have brown hair, and Daddy has orange hair.” Then we looked outside of the van. We started naming all the colors we could find. The green grass, the blue sky, the grey pavement of the parking lot, etc. “It would be pretty boring if everything was just one color, huh?”

Nathan agreed and asked to go sit on the bench with his friend. So we did.

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Today is Nathan’s fourth birthday! Nathan likes red, horses, the letter A, the number one, and the amount five.

Nathan has a very specific imagination. What kind is it specific?

You don’t need to ask him what kind of ice cream to get him because I will tell you right now. Green ice cream. No sinking.


Happy birthday, Nathan! We’ll do you a for real post with good pictures and better videos after we’ve recovered later this week!

Happy Birthday, Kari!

I tried to get Nathan to tell Kari “Happy Birthday” this morning. I really thought he was going to do it too. He walked up to her… hugged her leg… and said “It’s MY birthday!”

Kari is a supermom with no wisdom teeth. She gives our kids excellent tiger protection.

For her birthday she wants to paint the living room. She painted the kitchen by herself while full on pregnant with Topher. When she wants to relax she cuts the grass. Stop being so jealous of my wife.

Happy birthday, Kari!

Not Just an Internet Holiday

Standing in the kitchen this morning…

Justin: be careful what you read on the internet today. It’s April Fools day. If you hear anything that sounds ridiculous or too good to be true, it’s probably an April Fools day joke.

Kari: Ok, Thanks. I forgot to tell you, this morning there was an extra hen in the chicken coop.

Justin: Huh? What? How’d that happen? What are you talking about?

Nova’s Injury

Sunday night, March 20th, Nova got hurt. It was already a rough night. I was sick and Topher was teething, majorly.

I was taking the dogs out for a quick potty break before bed. It was dark and the dogs all ran ahead of me into the yard. Nova started crying. She ran over and sat by my feet. I bent down to pick her up so I could set her in the grass, but when I touched her I felt my hands become wet and sticky from large amounts of blood.

I ran her into the house and set her on a towel in the bathtub. I was very thankful I had a pet first-aid kit put together in the other room. I grabbed it and went back into the bathroom. I really hadn’t looked at her wound before that point. When I looked at her belly I saw a large area of thick flesh hanging down. I then realized my first-aid kit was lacking one thing… a Nova sized muzzle. Luckily for me she seemed to be frozen in a state of shock. She never attempted to bite. I unwrapped several gauze pads and carefully lined her wound with them. I then wrapped her belly with Vet Wrap and put her in a crate. While I was doing that, Justin was calling the emergency vet clinic to let them know he was coming in with her.

I wasn’t there, but according to Justin, Nova greeted the vet and his staff with happy tail wags. The vet then unwrapped the bandage I put on her and she got a little nippy. They had to muzzle her. Justin came back home a little while later and the vet stitched her up and cared for her through the night.

It was a very long night, with little sleep. In addition to worrying about Nova, Topher was having a rough night. He cut 3 teeth that night.

Justin headed back to the emergency vet clinic around 7:00 that morning to transfer Nova to our regular vet’s office. Our vet checked her over and okayed her to come home.

The next several days came with a lot of around the clock medications and bandage changes. We have to keep her crated to keep her activity level down and to keep her away from the other dogs and kids. I know she’s sick of being shut in the crate, but right now it’s necessary.

She’s healing really well. She had a drain in her to keep fluids from building up and that was taken out on Monday (March 28th). She’s scheduled to get her stitches out this coming Monday! We’re all definitely looking forward to her stitches coming out so she can reclaim her spot on the dog bed, next to Nacey.

Happy Birthday Piper!

Today is Piper Jean Stanley’s birthday!

She is one year old! A one year old! Is that even a baby? I do not think so. I have heard her say uh oh.

Guys, I do not know why you would not already know this but Piper Jean is my first ever niece. That is a pretty special thing.

Our son Christopher likes to hit and push Piper. He should find another activity.


Happy Birthday, Piper!