Thanksgiving Weekend

I love Thanksgiving! Family, yummy food, shopping, ETE, and the start of the Christmas season are some of the reasons it’s so great. The whole 4 day weekend is completely filled with fun! So much fun I never wrote an ETE post. I’m sorry, Justin. I’m sorry, Sean, and all you other ETEers.

Here’s some of our fun weekend-
We fried our best Turkey this year, it was perfect

Nathan got to spend some time with his Great Grandparents, who came from New York to spend the holiday with us.

On Friday Nathan got a new Nativity to play with under the Christmas tree. He added a few extra animals to the scene. Note the Dragon, on the far right, that made it’s way into Bethlehem.

Diana came all the way down from North Georgia to visit.

Justin’s mom made his favorite birthday cake- white with chocolate icing. Diana taught Nathan how to sign ‘cake’.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend too.

Name that rat

This is Tulip. She’s a blue bareback dumbo rat and a new addition to the Blaix household.

Here is another new addition. She’s a black hooded rat and she’s still a pretty camera shy.

She’s also nameless. We have never had this much trouble naming a pet before. So we come to you. We need your help. Please name our rat.

Happy ETE!

Happy Birthday Justin!

I’m not going to embarrass you by writing some mushy lovey dovey birthday post. That’s just not how I roll. I am however going to embarrass you by sharing a picture of you I took the other morning when you were taking the dogs out.

Happy Birthday to all the other ETEers out there!