Nathan Quotes

Yep, another quotes post….

Nana is a good super hero. I’m a super hero with a cape. Nana is a super hero with no cape.

I’m a germ. I live in a garbage can.

I want to be tall and married.

Dragons are scaredy.

Nathan: you get my ice cream?
Kari: Daddy’s getting it
Nathan: Daddy’s not the ice cream man, you’re the ice cream lady

I’m a bug expert

I have a daddy, and a mommy, and a brother. I need a sister. How do I get a sister? I know! I draw a map, and color the map, and follow the map.
-7/16/11, too much Dora The Explorer

No wimoweh? How a do. Give me a break.

Some snowmens sink, some snowmans don’t sink. Snowmans sink, how we get them back.

I’m not a son. I’m not yellow, round, or in the sky. I’m just a kid.

What happened to your body? You got stripes. You’re not a zebra.
-7/22/11, the result of 2 kids

What’s in Aunt Diana’s body?
-7/23/11, a baby

Christmas tree, check!
Toys, check!
Other Christmas decorations… that check is missing.
-7/24/11, pretend Chrismas

Sundae doesn’t go to work, she’s not a daddy, she’s a cat.
-7/25/11, part-time office kitty

I don’t need itch cream, I need a magician. Hmmm…. no magician in this house, we need to go far far away to get a magician at Nana’s house.
-7/25/11, bug bite relief

Nathan quotes, part 2

Stop drumming on me, I’m trying to sleep here

Topher needs a boob, he wants milk.

Happy Nathan’s Day
-6/19/11, to Justin, on Father’s Day

He said Buddy at me
-6/21/11, someone called him Buddy

Nathan: How many pennies do you have?
Justin: I think I have $20
Justin: no, 2000 pennies
Nathan: oh. 2000 pennies.

Sorry, Bud, I’m a turtle
-6/25/11, his response when Justin told him it was bedtime

I don’t like babies, I want horses
-6/26/11, Topher was bugging him and he apparently wanted to trade him in for another horse.

Germs will eat this. Come on germs, eat this.
-6/26/11, he wanted germs to eat his granola bar wrapper.

Chocolate milk will turn to pee too.
– 6/26/11, after a recent discussion on where pee comes from.

Aw man, all the drips
– 6/26/11, after spilling a little of his drink

Nathan- What are you eating?
Kari- Cherries. Do you want some?
Nathan- I want cookies. Fresh cookies.

How do I get magic?

Policemens have lockers. I need my lockers, bud.
-6/29/11, lockers= handcuffs

I need to go potty outside.
-he asks almost daily

I need a milkshake…. I need a REAL milkshake…from McDonalds, you want to come with me?

Justin, you be Topher’s daddy, and I’ll be Topher’s grandpa
-7/6/11, pretend play

Aunt Kati has a big body, she needs to go to the doctor
-7/6/11, Aunt Kati is pregnant

Nathan Quotes

I love the things he says. He makes me smile.

My-scream, please
-asking for Ice cream


Nice bread sandwich. I like it. Oh my goodness! I like it
-2/25/11, eating toast

Hey! That’s my puppet
-4/13/11, Justin was wearing one of the sock puppets I made for Nathan on his foot

don’t dance, Mom, don’t, don’t
-4/13/11, I’m already embarrassing him

be a good girl and go find it
-4/13/11, he wanted me to find his toy for him

I’m a holding reptile turtle. I hold rocks. Little rocks. Big rocks. Big giant rocks.

Nathan: Do you love reptiles?
Kari: Yes. Do you?
Nathan: No. I love horses.

green ice cream, no sinking
-mint chocolate chip

Two n’s the same. Where’s the lines?
-4/18/11, He wanted his name to be written “Nathan”, not “nathan”

This baby is being a problem

Nathan: What is this goo in my nose?
Kari: that’s snot
Nathan: Eww, gross

Daddy said we got the wigawa song!
-5/20/11, The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Stop hugging so much

The baby sat on my face. That’s…not…nice.

I miss other ideas

You have a germ in your nose.

Bird, stop making that bad sound. Stop it, bird!

Mommy, the cats are sleeping, be quiet.

It’s ok, Topher, it’s Nathan. I came to see you. Stop crying, stinky butt.

Jake is not a boy, he’s a dog, you know that. I’m a boy, Jake’s a dog. He’s not a boy dog, or a girl dog, he’s just a dog.

I think I have dots. I’m covered in dots.
-6/3/11, cold and goosebumpy

Nathan: How do horses get wet in the rain?
Kari: They stand out in the field and the rain falls from the sky and gets them wet.
Nathan: Do reindeer get wet in the rain?
Kari: Yes.
Nathan: How about sheep?
Kari: Yep, sheep too.
Nathan: What about hair?
Nathan: and airplane ports?

I want a small cup… with chocolate milk in it

The baby’s in trouble! Hey baby, I’m not a scary knight, I’m a nice knight

Bye baby, see ya next time. Go to your mother.

Penis, you gotta go potty, Penis? Yeah. Ok.
-6/13/11, as he’s walking to the bathroom

Justin Quotes

Here are some quotes of Justin’s from the past year or so. Enjoy.

you give our baby good tiger protection

I’m so bad at shirts

this smoothie is too smooth

I can make vomit… but I have nowhere to put it

It smells like Charlie Brown in the closet

That’s where the lady was hiding who could smell my farts

It’s my inside sweater, like Mr. Rogers.

Oh no! I did it again. I smashed an egg in my pocket… Oh no! This is my wearing-around-the-house Mr. Rogers sweater

It’s a weird height. It’s somewhere between too tall and too short.

Wow, my feet are gross. Maybe I should start wearing shoes?

It tastes like a theme park.

My burp smelled like Target

AHHHHH!…What was that? A cat just bit my butt!