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Yep, another quotes post….

Nana is a good super hero. I’m a super hero with a cape. Nana is a super hero with no cape.

I’m a germ. I live in a garbage can.

I want to be tall and married.

Dragons are scaredy.

Nathan: you get my ice cream?
Kari: Daddy’s getting it
Nathan: Daddy’s not the ice cream man, you’re the ice cream lady

I’m a bug expert

I have a daddy, and a mommy, and a brother. I need a sister. How do I get a sister? I know! I draw a map, and color the map, and follow the map.
-7/16/11, too much Dora The Explorer

No wimoweh? How a do. Give me a break.

Some snowmens sink, some snowmans don’t sink. Snowmans sink, how we get them back.

I’m not a son. I’m not yellow, round, or in the sky. I’m just a kid.

What happened to your body? You got stripes. You’re not a zebra.
-7/22/11, the result of 2 kids

What’s in Aunt Diana’s body?
-7/23/11, a baby

Christmas tree, check!
Toys, check!
Other Christmas decorations… that check is missing.
-7/24/11, pretend Chrismas

Sundae doesn’t go to work, she’s not a daddy, she’s a cat.
-7/25/11, part-time office kitty

I don’t need itch cream, I need a magician. Hmmm…. no magician in this house, we need to go far far away to get a magician at Nana’s house.
-7/25/11, bug bite relief

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