Happy Birthday Lindsay and Tyler!

Today is Lindsay Hall’s birthday! Lindsay Hall is my sister!

Lindsay is not too old to see a midnight premiere of the last Harry Potter movie. I still need to call her so we can talk about how great it was and how sad we are that there are not going to be any more.

Lindsay lives where people spontaneously burst into choreographed song and dance while walking down the street. Does that make you want to visit? It makes me want to visit.

Happy birthday, Lindsay!

Today is also Tyler Griffin’s birthday! Tyler moved away a long time ago as part of an elaborate plan for me to run out of things to say about him in birthday posts.

Happy birthday, Tyler!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lindsay and Tyler!”

  1. Lindsay’s birthday! Happy Birthday! And tyler! did you know that Uncle Frank and Aunt Jeanie have birthdays next week? So many of them!!

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