Nathan quotes, part 2

Stop drumming on me, I’m trying to sleep here

Topher needs a boob, he wants milk.

Happy Nathan’s Day
-6/19/11, to Justin, on Father’s Day

He said Buddy at me
-6/21/11, someone called him Buddy

Nathan: How many pennies do you have?
Justin: I think I have $20
Justin: no, 2000 pennies
Nathan: oh. 2000 pennies.

Sorry, Bud, I’m a turtle
-6/25/11, his response when Justin told him it was bedtime

I don’t like babies, I want horses
-6/26/11, Topher was bugging him and he apparently wanted to trade him in for another horse.

Germs will eat this. Come on germs, eat this.
-6/26/11, he wanted germs to eat his granola bar wrapper.

Chocolate milk will turn to pee too.
– 6/26/11, after a recent discussion on where pee comes from.

Aw man, all the drips
– 6/26/11, after spilling a little of his drink

Nathan- What are you eating?
Kari- Cherries. Do you want some?
Nathan- I want cookies. Fresh cookies.

How do I get magic?

Policemens have lockers. I need my lockers, bud.
-6/29/11, lockers= handcuffs

I need to go potty outside.
-he asks almost daily

I need a milkshake…. I need a REAL milkshake…from McDonalds, you want to come with me?

Justin, you be Topher’s daddy, and I’ll be Topher’s grandpa
-7/6/11, pretend play

Aunt Kati has a big body, she needs to go to the doctor
-7/6/11, Aunt Kati is pregnant

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