Happy Birthday, James!

Today is James O’donnell’s birthday! James likes gardening and asking you to set up dates with famous actresses. I missed James birthday dinner because I’m a terrible friend.

James is the kind of guy who will read the first six Harry Potter books but skip the last one in favor of a brief plot synopsis at a party. This won’t stop him from going on a man date with you to see the last movie even though they run on foot when it helps the plot and/or the suspense.


Happy birthday, James!

Update on our 2011 projects

Back in January I posted about some of the projects we hope to accomplish this year. I think it’s time for an update on those projects.

Move Justin’s office to the barn. Done! He’s been working out of the barn for months and we’re all pretty happy with the move.

Make the old iguana-room-turned-chicken-room into a real barn office for Justin. Half done- he’s in the room, but the room still needs a little work.

Make a better dog/cat room in the house. also partially finished- It really needs to be painted and the floor needs to be finished. Some shelves would be nice too.

Reclaim my laundry room. Done, mostly. I could use some shelves, but at least it’s my laundry room again, rather than a cat room I wash clothes in.

Make a toy room for Nathan. three-quarters done. He has a functioning toy room, but the floor needs work, the ceiling fan needs to be put up, and we need to get and install a door for the closet.

Expand the chicken run. Not at all done. Justin did however get a shade cloth put up so they will have more shade in their run. To add to this project, we’re also now hoping to construct an enclosure to house some guinea fowl and peafowl.

Decorate the living room. Not even close. This project has been push to the bottom of the barrel for a couple reasons- firstly, it’s a more expensive and time consuming project. Secondly, on the surface it’s a less important project. Really, though, I do think it’s an important project and one I’m still hoping to accomplish, even if it takes a little longer than I’d like. The current state of our living room is ugly, depressing, and nearly unusable. If you haven’t seen our living room and think I’m exaggerating, I’m not. In it’s current state it sits relatively empty, with white, picture-less walls, a floor that’s uglier than most garage floors, and no furniture.

Even though we still have a lot to do to complete these projects, I’m pretty happy with what we have accomplished. We have so many smaller projects that get tossed in between these that it often makes it challenging to work on these bigger projects. I really like always having projects to work on, I just wish we had a little more time to put into them.

Nathan quotes, part 2

Stop drumming on me, I’m trying to sleep here

Topher needs a boob, he wants milk.

Happy Nathan’s Day
-6/19/11, to Justin, on Father’s Day

He said Buddy at me
-6/21/11, someone called him Buddy

Nathan: How many pennies do you have?
Justin: I think I have $20
Justin: no, 2000 pennies
Nathan: oh. 2000 pennies.

Sorry, Bud, I’m a turtle
-6/25/11, his response when Justin told him it was bedtime

I don’t like babies, I want horses
-6/26/11, Topher was bugging him and he apparently wanted to trade him in for another horse.

Germs will eat this. Come on germs, eat this.
-6/26/11, he wanted germs to eat his granola bar wrapper.

Chocolate milk will turn to pee too.
– 6/26/11, after a recent discussion on where pee comes from.

Aw man, all the drips
– 6/26/11, after spilling a little of his drink

Nathan- What are you eating?
Kari- Cherries. Do you want some?
Nathan- I want cookies. Fresh cookies.

How do I get magic?

Policemens have lockers. I need my lockers, bud.
-6/29/11, lockers= handcuffs

I need to go potty outside.
-he asks almost daily

I need a milkshake…. I need a REAL milkshake…from McDonalds, you want to come with me?

Justin, you be Topher’s daddy, and I’ll be Topher’s grandpa
-7/6/11, pretend play

Aunt Kati has a big body, she needs to go to the doctor
-7/6/11, Aunt Kati is pregnant