Nathan Quotes

I love the things he says. He makes me smile.

My-scream, please
-asking for Ice cream


Nice bread sandwich. I like it. Oh my goodness! I like it
-2/25/11, eating toast

Hey! That’s my puppet
-4/13/11, Justin was wearing one of the sock puppets I made for Nathan on his foot

don’t dance, Mom, don’t, don’t
-4/13/11, I’m already embarrassing him

be a good girl and go find it
-4/13/11, he wanted me to find his toy for him

I’m a holding reptile turtle. I hold rocks. Little rocks. Big rocks. Big giant rocks.

Nathan: Do you love reptiles?
Kari: Yes. Do you?
Nathan: No. I love horses.

green ice cream, no sinking
-mint chocolate chip

Two n’s the same. Where’s the lines?
-4/18/11, He wanted his name to be written “Nathan”, not “nathan”

This baby is being a problem

Nathan: What is this goo in my nose?
Kari: that’s snot
Nathan: Eww, gross

Daddy said we got the wigawa song!
-5/20/11, The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Stop hugging so much

The baby sat on my face. That’s…not…nice.

I miss other ideas

You have a germ in your nose.

Bird, stop making that bad sound. Stop it, bird!

Mommy, the cats are sleeping, be quiet.

It’s ok, Topher, it’s Nathan. I came to see you. Stop crying, stinky butt.

Jake is not a boy, he’s a dog, you know that. I’m a boy, Jake’s a dog. He’s not a boy dog, or a girl dog, he’s just a dog.

I think I have dots. I’m covered in dots.
-6/3/11, cold and goosebumpy

Nathan: How do horses get wet in the rain?
Kari: They stand out in the field and the rain falls from the sky and gets them wet.
Nathan: Do reindeer get wet in the rain?
Kari: Yes.
Nathan: How about sheep?
Kari: Yep, sheep too.
Nathan: What about hair?
Nathan: and airplane ports?

I want a small cup… with chocolate milk in it

The baby’s in trouble! Hey baby, I’m not a scary knight, I’m a nice knight

Bye baby, see ya next time. Go to your mother.

Penis, you gotta go potty, Penis? Yeah. Ok.
-6/13/11, as he’s walking to the bathroom

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