Justin Quotes

Here are some quotes of Justin’s from the past year or so. Enjoy.

you give our baby good tiger protection

I’m so bad at shirts

this smoothie is too smooth

I can make vomit… but I have nowhere to put it

It smells like Charlie Brown in the closet

That’s where the lady was hiding who could smell my farts

It’s my inside sweater, like Mr. Rogers.

Oh no! I did it again. I smashed an egg in my pocket… Oh no! This is my wearing-around-the-house Mr. Rogers sweater

It’s a weird height. It’s somewhere between too tall and too short.

Wow, my feet are gross. Maybe I should start wearing shoes?

It tastes like a theme park.

My burp smelled like Target

AHHHHH!…What was that? A cat just bit my butt!

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