Jake, best dog in the world

Part of me thinks “Poor Jake” when I look at this picture. Nathan is leaning up against him, reading a book, Topher is standing on his tail, and Pippin is rubbing on his face. Then I realized just how happy he is. He loves being with the boys, and I do mean LOVES being with them. Especially Nathan. He paces the hallway in the morning, waiting for Nathan to wake up. He gets excited to see Nathan when he comes home from school. He follows Nathan everywhere. He just seems so much happier when he’s with Nathan. He’s the greatest dog!


Those 7 baby chicks we hatched are quickly growing up. We ended up with 4 boys and 3 girls. We got rid of the 4 boys. We kept the 3 girls.

Justin’s dad requested we name a chicken after him. So we did. Meet Lindy

He also thought we should name one after Uncle Ronnie. So we did. Meet Ronnie

The 2 blue chickens in the background are the mama, Edith, and the third pullet, Maude.

It’s been a full year since we first entered into the world of chickens. Can you believe it? I can’t.