Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday!

Mom’s mom is Nan Nan and Mom is Nana. Try not to get confused.

Mom just started reading (and watching – though this is less important) Harry Potter! She just finished book 3. We are bonding so hard.

I inherited gray hair and a fear of heights from my mom. Also awesomeness and a love of coffee with a little half and half but no sugar.

Nana blowing out her birthday candles with Nathan

Happy birthday, Mom!

Office Move

Justin made the first part of his office move, yesterday. He now officially works in the barn. We still have work to do before his new office is finished, but at least he’s in.

His first day, assessing his commute. He had to carry his chair with him that day.

Today Sophia (aka “Office Kitty”) made the move

Huggs Boson

Kari has turned into a pun machine.

The other day, Nathan said one of the dogs was Spider-Man. Kari called him Peter Barker. Then Nathan was wearing his fireman costume, but pretending to be Fry from Futurama. Kari called him Fire Fry!

I wish I could double marry her.

Happy Birthday, Dan!

Today is Dan Paulson‘s birthday. He is old years old.

Dan is a learn-ed man of many countries. At least three that I am aware of.

You can leave early from every party you’ve ever been to with him, and Dan Paulson will not get back at you by leaving your birthday bonfire bash early. Even if your horse snots on him. Dan Paulson has class.


Happy birthday, Dan!