Good news everyone…

Nathan loves Futurama. He calls it “Bender Robot”. Like when we used to call Home Improvement “Tool Time” or Family Matters “Erkel”. Kids are good at boiling something down to its essence. If I ever make a tv show I’m going to let some kids watch the pilot and tell me what the name should be.

And that is how I will end up with a TV show called “Can we watch Shrek instead?”

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Today is Bill Evans’ birthday. The possessive form of Evans is fun to say out loud. Evansesesesses.

Bill works under the constant threat of a Dalek. His six year old daughter knows what a Dalek is.

Bill gets sad when I don’t order ribs, but we share a love of wings. It is our goto man date dinner.

We are going to make scientist trading cards. Then I will trade him a Weinberg for a Feynman. Then we will fight over the Ken Miller.

Photo 11

Happy Birthday, Bill!