Today is Justin’s 29th birthday and he’s OLD…
-The one thing Justin was hoping to get as a birthday gift was shoes. (He got them. From his parents.)
-He also got a new pair of sweat pants and a bathrobe
-He gets up at 5 am on weekdays, because he wants to
-He usually sleeps in until 6 am on weekends
-He goes to matinees rather than late movies
-He loves Big Lots and Christmas lights

Also, Happy Birthday to Sean. I’m pretty sure you’re younger than Justin even though you’ve had more birthdays.

11 thoughts on “OLD”

  1. 2:25:22 PM Kari Blake: I’ll accept that
    2:25:36 PM Kari Blake: Ma and Pa would have been better though
    2:25:43 PM Kari Blake: and the gift was a stove
    2:27:07 PM Kari Blake: and her pa didn’t just get her a new saddle, he MADE her the saddle
    2:27:23 PM Kari Blake: so much sadder

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