Today is Justin’s 29th birthday and he’s OLD…
-The one thing Justin was hoping to get as a birthday gift was shoes. (He got them. From his parents.)
-He also got a new pair of sweat pants and a bathrobe
-He gets up at 5 am on weekdays, because he wants to
-He usually sleeps in until 6 am on weekends
-He goes to matinees rather than late movies
-He loves Big Lots and Christmas lights

Also, Happy Birthday to Sean. I’m pretty sure you’re younger than Justin even though you’ve had more birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Today is my cousin, Jeff’s birthday! For 18 days he will be two years older than me.

Want to know what that adds up to? That adds up to 30. OMG OLD.

When we lived together as kids we used to catch things in the yard and keep them as pets. Spiders. Turtles. Don’t let spider eggs hatch in your house. Tip for the day.

Jeff can leap tall mountains with a single Jeep. He is constantly injured.

Jeff having fun at Walmart

Happy birthday, Jeff!