Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my Dad’s birthday! He turns fifty-something years old today. I don’t keep track. He’s a professional Grandpaw now.

Dad can hook you up with a boat or basketball tickets or a kidney if that’s what you need.

If you allow him to come over and fix something, make sure he doesn’t break something else on the way out so he has another excuse to come back and play with his grandkids. He is tricksy.

And his Tacoma is Super.

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Happy Birthday, Isaac!

Today is Isaac Stanley’s birthday! Isaac can speak to people who can’t hear. That is practically a super power.

No matter what he tells you, he had a blast at the Harry Potter section of Universal Studios.

Isaac and Diana in line

What’s for dinner? Did Isaac get that rabbit he saw on the side of the road? No? Ok, fish sticks and steak-ums then.

Happy birthday, Isaac!

More Baby Chicks

Our blue Cochin, Edith, went broody three weeks ago and we let her sit on 8 eggs.

She only actually laid 1 of the 8 eggs she was sitting on (I think, anyway). The other 7 were from our other hens. Under her we had 3 cochin eggs, 1 egg from our Rhode Island Red, 2 from our Easter-Egger, and 2 from our Leghorn.

Yesterday was hatch day!

She’s pretty protective of her babies and I haven’t been able to get a real good look yet, but I know we have at least 7 babies. I’ll check again in a little while to see if we have 8 or if one of them didn’t hatch.

This baby looks exactly like Edith did as a baby

As of right now this little baby is my favorite

4:27:10 PM Justin: taylor swift… what is wrong with me
4:27:28 PM Kari: oh my no
4:27:55 PM Justin: if we ever have a teenage girl i’ll be ready
4:28:56 PM Kari: just don’t ever tell me you’re listening to Miley Cyrus
4:29:05 PM Justin: i don’t think that will happen
4:29:09 PM Justin: i don’t think…

Our Maybe New Cat

Last weekend we found a cute little kitten ‘stuck’ in one of our oak trees. He was WAY up there looking and sounding terrified. Eventually he made his way down and took up residence in the barn. He really wanted to befriend our dogs, and kind of wanted to befriend us too. So I set up a trap. He’s now residing in our bathroom until he goes to the vet on Monday (at 4:30, I know you’ll be watching your clocks with anticipation). Once he was in the house we all became friends. He especially loves Nathan, and Nathan loves him just as much.

Nathan’s already calling him “my baby cat, Pippin”. Oh yeah, we named him Pippin. (He’s not in a cage, it just looks like it.)

He’s not officially our new cat until he gets a clean bill of health from the vet and we can introduce him to our cats and dogs. If everyone gets along he’ll officially be our new kitten.