Happy Birthday Lindsay and Tyler!

It’s that time of year again when 99% of blaix dot com is happy birthdays. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Today is my sister, Lindsay’s, birthday! I always have to ask Kari which one of my sisters was born on August 1st and which one was on the 14th. Is the 14th even right? I don’t know. Sorry, Diana.

Lindsay is on a plane RIGHT NOW flying here. She has the elder wand. I hope she brought it. We’re going to force Diana and Isaac and Gil to hang out in the new Harry Potter section of Island’s of Adventure for way longer than they are comfortable with. I can’t wait.

Today is also Tyler’s birthday! RIP Scampers. It’s getting hot in here… AAAAGH.

Happy birthday, Lindsay and Tyler!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lindsay and Tyler!”

  1. why am i so cool and u and lindsay are such nerds? happy birthdays!! i cant wait to see what r kids will be like… joshua and nathan will prob invent a secret lang that only they cant figure out… topher will invent time travel and go back in time and teach piper not to have a southern accent.

    Happy Birthday Lindsay! Happy Birthday Tyler! RID Scampers! Bring on Harry Potter Land! ….

    -No Breath.

  2. Thanks guys! Justin, I’m with you one forcing Harry Potter fun on everyone this weekend, it’s going to be great!Diana can only hope to live up the the coolness that Justin and I have. Thanks again!!

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