Oh no

I forgot to do a birthday post for SeanR even though I specifically told him about how awesome it would be and how it wouldn’t focus on him being Mexican.


Sean is a math wizard with no spinners. If I could get Meredith Gran to draw him a special birthday comic I would.

He gets to go to Comic Con because he lives where right now is three hours ago.

Happy belated birthday, Sean!

Happy Birthday Lindsay and Tyler!

It’s that time of year again when 99% of blaix dot com is happy birthdays. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Today is my sister, Lindsay’s, birthday! I always have to ask Kari which one of my sisters was born on August 1st and which one was on the 14th. Is the 14th even right? I don’t know. Sorry, Diana.

Lindsay is on a plane RIGHT NOW flying here. She has the elder wand. I hope she brought it. We’re going to force Diana and Isaac and Gil to hang out in the new Harry Potter section of Island’s of Adventure for way longer than they are comfortable with. I can’t wait.

Today is also Tyler’s birthday! RIP Scampers. It’s getting hot in here… AAAAGH.

Happy birthday, Lindsay and Tyler!