Happy Birthday, Thomas!

Today is Thomas‘ birthday. I met Thomas when I was teaching a class about MS Paint and I didn’t know how to make a perfect circle and he told me to hold shift. Then he introduced me to HTML. Then I obsessed over web standards and redirected anyone who came to my site with an old browser. Thomas said that was stupid. I didn’t listen to him then but now I realize he was right.

I miss hit counters and Welfleyfests.

Today we should all eat pulled pork while listening to Ozma and thinking about Star in honor of Thomas. I’m kind of not sure if he still likes those things. He hikes and stuff now? I’m mostly familiar with Classic Thomas. That makes me sad. Happy Birthday, Thomas!

Today is also Mil’s birthday! I don’t know if she reads this site, but if she does, she knows who she is. Happy Birthday, Mil!

We also got Bitsy ten years ago today. So many things!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Thomas!”

  1. I stopped hiking once the temperature was above 75 regularly. Being outside is awesome as long as it isn’t even remotely hot.

    Also, maybe you should have linked more pictures of Star…

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