8:05:54 PM Justin Blake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP6XpLQM2Cs
8:05:58 PM Justin Blake: i mean how can you not hate her?
8:06:03 PM Justin Blake: she is too cool for school
8:06:07 PM Justin Blake: HEY EVERYBODY
8:06:09 PM Justin Blake: HERE COMES THE CHOO CHOO
8:06:25 PM Justin Blake: crap… i’ve listened to this song too many times… now i kinda like it
8:06:27 PM Justin Blake: CRAP
8:06:51 PM Kari Blake: I can no longer be your wife
8:06:56 PM Justin Blake: 🙁

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Our son, Nathan, turned three years old today! He can get in his car seat without any help. HE IS OLD.

Nathan’s preferred state is without pants. Without underwear either if he can get away with it.

Nathan doesn’t mind things that are dirty but doesn’t like things that are slimy. If you read a book to him or give him candy he will be your best friend.

He starts preschool next week! Can you believe it?! I can not.

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

It never gets old

Nothing ever gets old with Justin. You probably already know that though, huh?

While the rest of the world moves on and forgets about silly things like Pants on the Ground Justin continues to be amused by it. Just this morning I over heard him singing his own version of Pants on the Ground

Cat on your face
Cat on your face
Wakin’ up early with a cat on your face

Happy Birthday, Kari!

My wife turns 28 years old today! Happy birthday, wife!

Kari is in charge of making our family big and awesome so she is pregnant with our second son, Christopher. This did not stop her from painting the kitchen.

Kari enjoys corny old TV shows, Christmas music, and Chuck-will’s-widows. These are endearing qualities.

For her birthday present we are hoping to get the chicken coop finished soon. Also I’m cooking her a salmon dinner. Great presents or greatest presents? (greatest)

Happy Birthday, Kari!

Role reversal

9:20:38 AM Kari Blake: this is what I was talking about last night- http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/07/science/07element.html?ref=science
9:21:24 AM Justin Blake: this is the one i was talking about last night: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/04/arts/television/04ellen.html
9:21:56 AM Justin Blake: i love that you sent me an article about atomic elements and i sent you one about ellen and american idol

1:06:07 PM Justin Blake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy5g33S0Gzo
1:24:19 PM Sean Rodriquez: haha
1:24:30 PM Sean Rodriquez: i don’t know why that’s funny
1:24:34 PM Justin Blake: i love it
1:24:35 PM Justin Blake: in a few years this thing will be rosey from the jetsons
1:24:48 PM Sean Rodriquez: i think people would still rather have a mexican
1:25:19 PM Justin Blake: maybe they can give the robot a charming accent
1:25:32 PM Sean Rodriquez: it could be funnier if the robot looked around
1:25:38 PM Sean Rodriquez: and hid the towl behind the sofa
1:25:45 PM Sean Rodriquez: and then sat down and watched some tv
1:25:47 PM Sean Rodriquez: all time lapsed

Name that Rooster

I believe (and hope) this is the only rooster in our group of chickens. It’s still to early too know for sure though. Really I’m not 100% sure if he’s a rooster, but he’s showing all the signs.

His name was Lucy when we thought he was a she. When he started showing sings of being a rooster I thought the obvious name for him would be Louie. However, the name Louie doesn’t seem to fit him so I’m asking for your help.