The Chicken Chronicles

The older three are now about 6.5 weeks old and the younger five are 5 weeks old.
We took the older three outside for the first time yesterday while we were working on their coop. They really enjoyed their time in the sun.

Speaking of the coop, last weekend my dad and Justin got the shingles put on the roof and yesterday we got the primer painted on.

Okay, back to the chickens…
I admit I was more than a little disappointed when I realized the buff Orpington chick we got was actually a white Leghorn. I’m no longer the least bit disappointed as she’s turned out to be a really awesome chick. We’ve named her Jill and she, more than any of the others, is very attached to us. She’ll hop right up and sit on our arms and shoulders. She even flew up to sit on my big pregnant belly one evening.

Our golden laced cochin is starting to look a bit rooster-ish which is fine with us as we were hoping for a rooster. (S)He’s the only one currently developing waddles, and very red ones at that.

Today we gave them some yogurt as a treat. They were all unsure of it at first so I sprinkled a little of their food on top of it. They all enjoyed eating after they realized it was food.

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Today is Jason Cooley’s birthday! Jason is married to Kati who is the sister of my wife which means he is FAMILY!

Jason likes video games and computers and Mt. Dew and Nascar and Beef ‘O’ Brady’s and he is a cool dude. You can tell he is a cool dude because his last name is Cooley. The only one cooler would be Coolio except I think he’s dead? I don’t know. You haven’t heard much from Coolio lately.

I miss Coolio.

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Chicken Coop Update

It’s been a couple months since I’ve updated the readers on our chicken coop progress. Justin and my dad have been working on it sporadically and they got a little more done on it yesterday.

Jake loves coop building days

so does Nathan

My dad built some really awesome windows!

It’s starting to look like a real building now.

It’s almost time to paint which means we have to make our final decision on which color. Should we go with a traditional barn red, or maybe a color that doesn’t stick out as much?

Happy Birthday, Bobby!

Today is my brother-in-law’s birthday. His name is Bobby Hall and he is married to my sister, Lindsay Hall. They have a pretty awesome boy named Joshua Hall who is also my nephew.


Bobby makes graphics for a living and video games for fun. Someday it will be the other way around.

We both like Harry Potter which means we are compatible. We have not seen each other in three years.

Chicken Update

It’s been just over 2 weeks since we brought home our 8 baby chicks. They’re all doing well and growing very fast.

The Easter Egger is growing the fastest, she’s going to be a big girl. She’s very sweet and loves to sit on me whenever she gets the chance. I think she may be my favorite.

This little yellow chick was supposed to be a Buff Orpington, but I think she’s actually a White Leghorn. I guess only time will tell. She’s a fun and quirky little chick.

The Rhode Island Red is a pretty calm and easy going girl so far, which surprises me a little.

The other 5 are all growing fast too, though some a little faster than others. It’s just a hunch, but I think we have two boys. The one on far left and the one on the far right I suspect are going to be roosters.

It was exciting to watch the feathers come in on the feet of the 4 cochins.

It’s also fun watching their personalities develop. Some of them are very quite and some are very cheepy.