An experiment

Put one hand on top of the the back of your other hand so that your four fingers line up with the index finger of one hand on the pinky of the other, the middle finger on the ring finger of the other, and so on. Your thumbs should stick out on opposite sides.

Now wiggle your thumbs.

Man that looks weird.


As Justin mentioned in the previous post we spent most of our Valentine’s weekend picking up chicks.

Baby chicks, that is.

Of the chicken variety.

On Saturday we picked up three babies. Each of them is around a week old. The one on the left, hiding behind the feeder, is a Buff Orpington, the one in the middle is an Easter Egger, and the one on the right is a Rhode Island Red.

Nathan loves them

On Sunday we picked up 5 more babies. These babies were only a day old. We got one Welsummer, and four Cochins.

4:58:36 PM James O’Donnell: a girl just told me that she is ten weeks pregnant and i starting thinking about how it would be neat if babies grew in a way that resembled filling in a pie chart. at 10 weeks they would have the right half of a head, upper right torso and one arm
4:58:50 PM James O’Donnell: sonograms would be freaky