New Pressure Tank

Did you know that Justin’s a pretty good plumber? That’s if you don’t count the utility room sink he installed. Our laundry room has flooded a couple times since that sink was put in. Don’t hold that against him though, all his other plumbing projects have turned out well.

Well, a couple nights ago our pipes froze. One broke and Justin had to fix it. He had to replace this:

Something needed to be done to prevent that from happening again. Lowes was out of pipe insulation and our pressure tank was in REALLY bad shape, so leaving the water running in the house all night wasn’t a smart idea. Justin decided that Saturday would be a good day to replace the pressure tank.

Saturday morning we woke up to sleet coming down, but Justin and his dad braved the 30° weather and got a new pressure tank. Note they also found pipe insulation.

First you have to cut the old tank loose

Next you open the directions that came with the new pressure tank.

Then you toss them aside because you didn’t buy all of the supplies it says you need. Who really needs directions anyway? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

See, Blake men don’t need no stinkin’ directions. They got the new tank installed and we still have water!

They then put the insulation on the pipes. And you want to know what? We got another heavy frost last night and despite all of their effort our pipes still froze.