Loopback device!

If you add an iptables-restore call to your /etc/network/interfaces but you try to load rules from a file that doesn’t exist, you won’t notice a problem until your server restarts mysteriously and all of a sudden mysql won’t start because it thinks the port is already in use but really it’s because it can’t bind to because the loopback device simply doesn’t exist because I guess it freaked out over the bad iptables call.

And then none of your websites will work.

That is your tip for the day.

Trophy wars

10:57:11 AM Justin Blake: i got my burnout license
10:57:12 AM Justin Blake: SUCK IT
10:57:46 AM Bill Evans: congrats bud
10:57:59 AM Justin Blake: no, you’re supposed to come back with something
10:58:02 AM Bill Evans: oh
10:58:05 AM Bill Evans: I’m so angry
10:58:08 AM Justin Blake: GOOD
10:58:10 AM Bill Evans: k
10:58:12 AM Justin Blake: thanks
10:58:15 AM Bill Evans: you’re welcome