Have you ever had a conversation with a sleep talker?
I have. In fact I did just last night.

It was 1:30 in the morning and I woke up to Justin talking in his sleep. Fire house, fire house, fire house…, He just kept repeating it. I sat there watching him and wondering what he could be dreaming about. He then opened his eyes, sat up a little, looked at me, and said “why are you staring at me?” I said “because you’re being weird” to which Justin replied “you’re being weird”. He then laid back down and started repeating “fire house” again.

When I asked him about it this morning he didn’t remember any of it.

…Just a little glimpse into my world.

8 thoughts on “Firehouse”

  1. sounds like jason’s life. He will be playing video games at midnight, I get up and ask where everyone went. and nobody was thre to begin with. or yell saying theres a roach on the floor and nothing is there. 🙂 sleep talking is fun!

  2. hahaha I got you topped!

    First roommate in college creepy screamed my name over and over in her sleep… got out of bed and ran to my bed… i screamed… we both screamed…. we all screamed.

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