Happy Birthday, Diana

Today is my sister, Diana’s birthday! Diana got tired of not being the favorite anymore so she decided to get pregnant. She’s not very good at it though. Peeing your pants while you throw up is probably the grossest thing ever. Just sayin.

Diana is no breath because she has no breath.

She will clean your car if she gets to keep the change.

Happy Birthday, Diana!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Diana”

  1. lindsay- i saw the one at ya’ll prom where dianas head is like 10x the size of yours…that was pretty normal, except for her head size. I hope her kid has isaacs head, or she wont be able to push it out. 😛

  2. HA! I remember that picture. Yes I have a big head, and yes I pee my pants, and yes I have no breath, and no I can’t take a nice picture :o)

    Thanks for the birthday voice message. Mom sang to me, you didn’t. I guess fishsticks dont sing.

    You forgot to mention I have a gold medal for being smart in college.

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