Happy Birthday, Lindsay and Tyler!

Today is my sister, Lindsay’s, birthday! She is my favourite sister who’s birthday is today. She is always there for me when I feel like geeking out over Harry Potter.

Lindsay has a son who is also my nephew who is crazy. In a good way. He is a pro swimmer and will hold your hand even if you are a stranger. So friendly.

Lindsay has a husband who is also my brother-in-law who I do not get to see very much because he is always bringing home the bacon. Do not be jealous of their complete family unit!

Happy Birthday, Lindsay!


I forgot that today is also Tyler’s birthday! Happy birthday, Tyler!

Tyler made arms for my clock and helped me terrorize no breath. He is handy to have around.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lindsay and Tyler!”

  1. I said she is my favorite sister WHO’S BIRTHDAY IS TODAY. Diana is my favorite sister on Diana’s birthday.

    Every other day Kati is my favorite sister.

  2. As I am tossed from the raft into the gator waters left for dead…. the boat driver who goes by the name “dad” swings the boat around only to head to Kati in the raft… “KATI! KATI! Are you okay??”

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