Have you ever had a conversation with a sleep talker?
I have. In fact I did just last night.

It was 1:30 in the morning and I woke up to Justin talking in his sleep. Fire house, fire house, fire house…, He just kept repeating it. I sat there watching him and wondering what he could be dreaming about. He then opened his eyes, sat up a little, looked at me, and said “why are you staring at me?” I said “because you’re being weird” to which Justin replied “you’re being weird”. He then laid back down and started repeating “fire house” again.

When I asked him about it this morning he didn’t remember any of it.

…Just a little glimpse into my world.

Happy Birthday, SeanR!

Today is SeanR’s birthday! SeanR is Mexican Sean not ETE Sean. Do not get confused.

I have been internet friends with SeanR for longer than I can remember. I’m pretty sure we met when Thomas was trying to get me to play WinBolo. Thanks, Thomas!

SeanR plays video games on computers, not TVs. He thinks the PS3 Slim is ugly. It is why we are not friends anymore.

Do not tell SeanR that I still haven’t finished Cowboy Bebop.

Happy Birthday, Diana

Today is my sister, Diana’s birthday! Diana got tired of not being the favorite anymore so she decided to get pregnant. She’s not very good at it though. Peeing your pants while you throw up is probably the grossest thing ever. Just sayin.

Diana is no breath because she has no breath.

She will clean your car if she gets to keep the change.

Happy Birthday, Diana!