Happy Anniversary, Kari!

Today I have been married to Kari for 9 years. She’s pretty cool. And awesome at Rock Band 2 vocals. We’re going to get all the trophies before you do.

I got her hooked on coffee somehow.

She always scoops the horse poop. In fact she’s about to go scoop some poop right now. She likes to cut the grass. These are good features in a wife.

Kari likes the pieces of Chex Mix that I don’t. We are a good fit.

Also happy 1st anniversary to Kati and Jason Cooley! Your dog misses you. And happy anniversary to Mil and Fil Hoad! I can’t remember which number it is but it’s up there. Nathan says hi.

Yay American Independence!

On Saturday, the 4th of July, we decided it would be cool to celebrate America’s right to EXPLOSIONS.

First, we tested the lighters:


Lighters were working. Next, we set up guards to make sure our oppressors weren’t gonna come back and try to steal our independence:

Standing guard

Guards were in place. Next, we get the childrens in on the action:

Nathan likes fire.

The childrens like fire. Good good. Now we get dangerous!

Spinny firework

Yay America!

Fountains of sparks!

Dangit we are awesome.


Can you smell the sulfur? I can smell the sulfur.



[flickr video=3692307741 secret=30e56116bc w=640 h=360]

The morning after: