Crab Feast!

On Saturday I finally fulfilled the promise I’ve been making to my sisters every time they come down here. CRAB FEAST!

It’s been so long since I’ve had for real home-cooked blue crab. I was just a kid back then. But this time I’m a big fat man so now I am the cook. Stand back everyone, I’m dealing with iced-down crabs here!

You have to season these bad boys up Maryland-style. Old Bay and salt on every layer!

You know they’re done when they look delicious.

We only managed to finish the first batch. There were three batches. A bushel is a lot of crabs. That is your tip for the day.

We make the non-crab eaters watch the kids.

Half the fun is getting the meat out. It’s like a treasure hunt. Lindsay is good at it.

Anatomy lesson! Boy crabs have boy parts…

…and Girl crabs have girl parts (and sometimes eggs inside).

Like any good crab feast, we ended the day with horseback riding.

Happy Birthday, Kati and Happy Anniversary, Lindsay and Bobby!

Today is Kati’s birthday! You guys know Kati. She is Kari’s sister who is now my sister because I married Kari. Yay! Happy birthday, Kati!

It is also my sister, Lindsay’s wedding anniversary! I didn’t have to marry anyone to make Lindsay my sister. She was born that way. Happy anniversary, Lindsay and Bobby! I’m sorry you are separated by so many states right now.

I have another sister who I guess just graduated or something? Nothing particularly special about today for her though. Hi, Diana!

Try not to be jealous of all my awesome sisters.