Too long to put on his twitter.

1:29:06 PM Justin Blake:
1:29:41 PM James O’Donnell: why is that creepy
1:30:11 PM Justin Blake: i’m scared of you now
1:30:47 PM James O’Donnell: so if kari said that she wanted you to bring a bag with panties and a dead chicken to her grave 5 years after she died you wouldn’t do it?
1:31:14 PM Justin Blake: of course i would but it’d still be creepy
1:31:37 PM James O’Donnell: i don’t think the police should be getting involved in what is obviously a voodoo witch ritual

Excuse me sir, there’s a foot in my hay

Have I ever told you the story of the time we cleaned out the shed at our old house?

Let me start a few months before that. You see we have snakes, 5 of them, and like any living thing snakes have to eat. Well, normally we keep a stash of frozen (pre-killed, obviously) snake food in the freezer. There are however occasions when Justin needs to get snake food live and kill it himself.

One of those occasions came up and Justin bought a live rat. Before Justin could, um…well, you know, the rat got away. Justin chased it up and down the driveway, but the rat managed to escape into our messy shed.

Okay, lets get back to the cleaning of the shed. We were pulling out all kinds of things, some to keep, some to toss. I found a box of rags that needed to be washed. Justin took the rags from me, took them to the house, dumped them into the washing machine, added soap, and started the machine.

We continued cleaning the shed and later once the load of rags was clean I went in to toss them into the dryer. I pulled out a handful of rags and put them into the dryer. Then I pull out a few more. I reached in once more only this time instead of pulling out a rag I pulled out a bone. What on earth? I looked inside to find more bones and a big clump of fur.

Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! Because I’m such a girl I ran out calling for Justin. He came in and cleaned out the washing machine. We later realized that it was most likely that rat that had gotten away a few months before.

I was reminded of that time today when I was out with the horses. I picked up some hay to take to Ruby’s stall. When I tossed it in there I noticed something odd in it. As I pulled my odd finding out of the hay I realized it was a FOOT.

Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! I tossed it onto the ground as quickly as I could. I’m not sure what kind of animal the foot belonged to. It wasn’t a domestic animal. It wasn’t a rat or rabbit’s foot. It was furry. And had it still been attached to an animal I would have likely thought it was a cute foot. It wasn’t attached to an animal though so it wasn’t cute, it was just horrifyingly gross.

More poop adventures!

Now that Nathan is 2 years old, we’re having all new adventures. Like today…

Kari was outside scooping horse poop, among other things, but that is not the poop adventure I’m talking about here…

While she was outside, I came out of the office to find Nathan with his diaper off, peeing on some of his comic books. I cleaned up the pee and put his diaper back on but he just kept taking it back off. I figured all his pee was gone by now so I just let him be naked for a while.

A few minutes later I found him with poop on his butt. I cleaned him up, but now… we can’t find the poop. There is poop somewhere in the house and we can’t find it.

It is very likely that it was “cleaned up” for us by one of the dogs.