Happy Birthday, Kari!

My wife is so old! She turned twenty seven today and all I got her was a walk through the wilderness.

ETE iTunes Playlist is cranked and blasting through the house today in her honor. That’s right. I broke the rules for her.

Kari, I love you more than 50 Cent.

And you know we don’t give a truck it’s not your birthday.

28 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kari!”

  1. Ha, Kristine. I was quoting the song, Mr. November. “I won’t fuck us over, I’m Mr. November. I’m Mr. November, I won’t fuck us over.”… Justin was quoting it too “I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders”. It’s on the ETE birthday playlist, even though it doesn’t apply to my birthday it’s in the mix.

  2. seems like justin is trying to juice the thread, like I juice my pecs (that was for Kristine)


  3. Happy birthday from some guy who was friends with Lauren’s boyfriend but then became Justin’s friend cause we both spend a lot of time on aim and ran out of other people to talk to!

  4. Kari! I know you because we have been lumberjacks together. Happy Birthday! I’ll tell you again in person in two weeks

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