Name that rat

This is Tulip. She’s a blue bareback dumbo rat and a new addition to the Blaix household.

Here is another new addition. She’s a black hooded rat and she’s still a pretty camera shy.

She’s also nameless. We have never had this much trouble naming a pet before. So we come to you. We need your help. Please name our rat.

10 thoughts on “Name that rat”

  1. Thanks Kati and Jason. Justin and I are both horrible people. We both thought “She can’t be named ‘Dr. Love’, she’s a girl”. We’d never make it as woman activists.

    Daisy is on the list of potential names. Not because it’s a flower name, I really don’t care if she has a flower name or not. She just kind of looks like a Daisy.

    Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!

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