New phrase is awesome

1:26:32 PM Bill Evans: I don’t think you get the anger over roadside memorials
1:26:55 PM Bill Evans: it’s the concept of anyone being able to setup a memorial anywhere that bugs me
1:26:58 PM Bill Evans: not that they are mourning
1:27:09 PM Justin Blake: ok, that makes more sense
1:27:12 PM Bill Evans: i just think it should be at a cemetery
1:27:20 PM Bill Evans: because those are designated mourning places
1:27:39 PM Justin Blake: “designated mourning places” is hilariously cold

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Nathan's 2nd birthday!
Nathan turned 2 years old today. So far he’s celebrated by hitting me in the eye with a toy car and kicking me in the lip with karate. He is rockin 2 with ferocity.

Later today he is going to get a tricycle. We’ve purposely avoided teaching him to read so that this post wouldn’t ruin the surprise.

We considered whether the ETE Birthday playlist is appropriate for a 2 year old. The answer is yes. Don’t even front.

I don’t remember what I got for my second birthday but I hope it was as awesome as a big truck filled with little cars and also a tricycle.

Happy Birthday, Kari!

My wife is so old! She turned twenty seven today and all I got her was a walk through the wilderness.

ETE iTunes Playlist is cranked and blasting through the house today in her honor. That’s right. I broke the rules for her.

Kari, I love you more than 50 Cent.

And you know we don’t give a truck it’s not your birthday.

Name that rat

This is Tulip. She’s a blue bareback dumbo rat and a new addition to the Blaix household.

Here is another new addition. She’s a black hooded rat and she’s still a pretty camera shy.

She’s also nameless. We have never had this much trouble naming a pet before. So we come to you. We need your help. Please name our rat.