He used his power on me

1:37:12 PM Bill Evans: sign up we can be buds!
1:38:12 PM Bill Evans: it’s a sweet iphone app
1:38:18 PM Bill Evans: just two clicks away probably
1:38:40 PM Justin Blake: i can’t tell if you’re making fun of me or not
1:38:57 PM Bill Evans: nope
1:39:04 PM Bill Evans: I am on loopt so hard
1:45:57 PM Justin Blake: friend request sent!
1:46:07 PM Bill Evans: you are such a sheep

More of this

5:32:39 PM Justin Blake: http://img.skitch.com/20081204-kb1jpnagr24m68ptsy74em2ieb.jpg
5:33:56 PM Sean Rodriquez: did your sister decapitate a bunch of hamsters?
5:34:09 PM Justin Blake: just one
5:34:31 PM Justin Blake: admittedly, a tool box is a terrible hamster cage
5:34:56 PM Sean Rodriquez: only if Flippy McClosey is around
5:35:03 PM Justin Blake: hah, right
5:35:13 PM Justin Blake: after that i kept a turtle in it instead
5:35:36 PM Sean Rodriquez: if cartoons have taught us anything
5:35:45 PM Sean Rodriquez: it’s that the turtle will pull his head in at the last second
5:36:34 PM Justin Blake: exactly