Happy ETE!

Happy Birthday Justin!

I’m not going to embarrass you by writing some mushy lovey dovey birthday post. That’s just not how I roll. I am however going to embarrass you by sharing a picture of you I took the other morning when you were taking the dogs out.

Happy Birthday to all the other ETEers out there!

9 thoughts on “Happy ETE!”

  1. I think that lovey dovey comment was directed at me.
    But I will let it slide. It is ETE after all.

    Justin, love the outfit!

    Happy Birthday!


    Bill, soon it will be your birthday but I thought I would post your birthday message early and on this website.
    I love you so much. Something about the sun and the moon & stars. Your eyes are like little green meadows.
    When I see you my heart skips a beat. Flowers. Unicorns. Kittens.

  2. Whose bed have those boots been under? Mine, for one. Kari’s for two. How many others could there be with the are walking with that mighty fine face?

  3. Happy Birthday Bro! Yesterday when mom and dad were here…. after dad said you were the favorite for the first time ever…. we were reminiscing about your birthday and deep fried turkey and the time when you wanted to make donuts and there was an explosion.

    Happy Birthday! Even though I didn’t send you a card this year… this late birthday post counts.

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