FIRST AND FOREMOST! A picture of the kid in his costume on Halloween:

Nathan in his wizard costume

and a picture of the kid in his costume before Halloween, when he would actually wear the hat:

Nathan in his full wizard costume

Every year we make fire. I like to make fire:

Getting right to light this sucker


This was a small fire because time was of the essence due to spending the first part of the evening using the ATV to pull a lawn tractor out of the mud. It was pretty exciting. I got the ATV almost vertical. Tractors are heavy. No pictures of that, sorry.

But I do have pictures of dinner!

Cooking hot dogs.

and my triumphant return with the cooked meat:

Returning with the cooked hot dogs

This is how we spend our Halloweens. Try not to be jealous of how we spend our Halloweens.

SIDE NOTE! I ate one hot dog and it made me so sick that I wanted to die. My guts are broken.

4 thoughts on “Halloweeeeeeeeeen”

  1. So, why are you alone in every picture? Was Kari even there? Did you have to set the camera up yourself to take those pictures?

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