Happy ETE!

Happy Birthday Justin!

I’m not going to embarrass you by writing some mushy lovey dovey birthday post. That’s just not how I roll. I am however going to embarrass you by sharing a picture of you I took the other morning when you were taking the dogs out.

Happy Birthday to all the other ETEers out there!

I knew it!

8:21:35 AM Justin Blake: do you ever sometimes feel like there’s little bugs crawling all over your neck?
8:23:21 AM James O’Donnell: yes, a few after my neck gets shaved
8:24:11 AM James O’Donnell: and when aliens put microships in me
8:24:19 AM James O’Donnell: yes i meant microships
8:24:27 AM James O’Donnell: little tiny spaceships that fly in my bloods

Happy Election Day!

It is election day yay! Soon the commercials and phone calls will be over and the news will stop having magic colored maps!

9:46:59 AM Justin Blake: http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w19/figmentPez/Motivational%20Posters/TerrorismMotivator.jpg
9:47:18 AM Bill Evans: haha
9:47:33 AM Bill Evans: anyone who thinks terrorism is funny clearly voted for obama

Publix donuts are delicious. I did not know this. I am doomed.


FIRST AND FOREMOST! A picture of the kid in his costume on Halloween:

Nathan in his wizard costume

and a picture of the kid in his costume before Halloween, when he would actually wear the hat:

Nathan in his full wizard costume

Every year we make fire. I like to make fire:

Getting right to light this sucker


This was a small fire because time was of the essence due to spending the first part of the evening using the ATV to pull a lawn tractor out of the mud. It was pretty exciting. I got the ATV almost vertical. Tractors are heavy. No pictures of that, sorry.

But I do have pictures of dinner!

Cooking hot dogs.

and my triumphant return with the cooked meat:

Returning with the cooked hot dogs

This is how we spend our Halloweens. Try not to be jealous of how we spend our Halloweens.

SIDE NOTE! I ate one hot dog and it made me so sick that I wanted to die. My guts are broken.