I pre-ordered Rock Band 2 for Justin’s Christmas present with the intent of giving it to him early. I mean come on, you HAVE to open it as soon as it comes, letting it sit around unopened until Christmas would be crazy. Plus we’re Justin and Kari, we never actually wait until Christmas to exchange presents. After all I got my Christmas present from Justin weeks ago.

Unfortunately it seems Justin’s copy of Rock Band 2 has taken a slight detour. Last week I got an email from Amazon letting me know that the game had shipped. I checked it’s status on Friday and it said it was “in transit” From Jacksonville, FL. Great, I thought! It’ll probably be here Monday. Today, because I’m compulsive, I checked it’s status once again. This is what I found…

It’s in Delaware! Oops, looks like it got put on the wrong truck in Jacksonville. Sorry Justin, it looks like your Christmas present is going to be a little less early.

4 thoughts on “Detour”

  1. somthing I ordered did the same thing. I think it was my mac or something. started somewhere close then went to iowa then came back down. crazy mail people. we should give them a compus and a map.

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