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Tropical Storm Fay won’t go away and this is a rhyme to kill some time.

Do not be jealous of my skillz.

Here is something else:

Sean R.: i’ve always felt like osx is like one of those hunting trips where you pay a thousad dollars to shoot a tiger that’s tied to a post
Me.: haha, yea exactly
Sean R.: i guess linux would be like huting wild boar with a rambo knife
Sean R.: with like
Sean R.: a thousand people giving you tips
Sean R.: and there’s a beginners area that supposedly gives you a larger knife
Sean R.: but it’s just a knife with a slighter longer blade duct taped to it
Me.: and windows is like hunting with a semi-automatic military-grade weapon that keeps jamming
Sean R.: haha
Sean R.: i’ve had maybe 2 or 3 problems with xp in 6 years of using it
Sean R.: and of course linux or osx NEVER crash
Me.: ah, yes
Me.: right right
Me.: of course not
Me.: but i mean
Me.: we ARE stereotyping here
Me.: so
Me.: yea
Sean R.: haha

So many birthdays!

Even though I am running low on my supply of birthday wishes, I am still going to throw some at Sean R. Happy birthday, Sean R.!

Sean R. goes by many other names but they are all racist. Shame on you.

I do not have any pictures of Sean R. I almost got to meet him in person a long time ago but he ended up not coming to Welfleyfest. I have no idea how old he is. He does super good artist renditions of actual events. Hopefully we will meet at PAX 2010.

I miss Welfleyfest. I was (am) so bad at Unreal Tournament. I miss MWROTM. What was I talking about? I miss Will and Roy.


I’m just kidding you can have your birthdays. I am restocking my supply of birthday wishes right after I figure out why deploying code changes to a server causes portions of its database data to disappear forever.

Rock star

I should probably say something about the hurricane tropical storm that just hit my state to the south, but instead I’m going to tell a funny story about something that happened to me while I was pretending to rock out.

My wife and I were playing Rock Band a couple days ago. I was on guitar and she was on vocals. We were rocking pretty hard and I was getting really into it. Luckily, my real guitar amp was right next to me, providing me the perfect opportunity to bring this rocking out to it’s rockingest. I decided to pull the ultimate rock star move and stand on the amp.

So I waited for the perfect point in the song, right when it really kicks in. I put one foot up… then the other… then I stood up and…

My head went right into the running ceiling fan above me.

The other one

It is my OTHER sister’s birthday! That is what we call Diana, the other sister. Also, nugget. Kari can probably comment and tell you how old she is. I don’t keep track anymore.

Here are some fun facts about Diana:

  • She is allergic to coin moneys and eating utensils.
  • She has no breath.

That is all you need to know about Diana. Those two things.

Happy birthday, Diana!

Update: Here is photographic evidence that Diana Blake Stanley actually exists:

With Aunt Diana

That was taken when Nathan was so little that he didn’t know he is supposed to scream and cry whenever he sees her.