James’ 30th Birthday Bash

Birthday Boy!

To celebrate James turning 30, we had an all day all night blowout.

Bill looks the part

It started with golf. I didn’t get any pictures of James golfing because he was with the group of golfers who are good at golf. I am not good at golf. I may have broken the record for highest score ever.

Whicka whicka scratch!

Next up was a party by the lake at the park. Cornhole sounds dirty but it’s actually a fun game involving holes and bags of corn. DJ Removeable Face rocked the house until almighty Thor became angered and threatened a downpour of epic proportions. Turned out to just be wind. It never did rain. Because I willed it not to.

Professional campers

The day ended at the campsite. It was relaxing except for the couple nearby who’s favorite activity was to yell at each other and their kid.

Good times!

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