I also have never seen The Godfather

So it’s been this long, and I still haven’t read Watchmen. It’s even sitting on my shelf because I borrowed it from Bill forever ago. Now that the movie is coming out, I’m thinking I should just keep waiting, and read it after I see the movie.

Normally I would always make sure I have the book read before I see the movie, but as I learned from my recent run through the Harry Potter series, that usually ends up with me getting angry with the movie and plotting to murder the director and his family.

I have a hard time accepting each item on its own merits, so I will probably keep putting off the supposedly awesome read and the boost to my comic book fan credibility, and let the movie stand on its own.


8 thoughts on “I also have never seen The Godfather”

  1. That book has been on the bookshelf so long I thought it was yours. We’re horrible friends, we shouldn’t keep other people’s things that long. I vote that you should read it, then read the pile of other books you have borrowed from Bill.

  2. I have enough books that I don’t miss the ones I give Justin. It’s like getting a present when he gives me stuff back because it has been so long I forgot I had them.

    Also, on the DVDs my wife neglected to mention that she _rented_ one of the movies we borrowed from you after we had it for a year.

  3. Just read the plot synopsis on wikipedia and youtube up some scenes that you can bring up in conversation so you can trick everyone into thinking you’ve seen the movie. Wasn’t there a Clarissa Explains it All about this? Just without any internets.

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