I suck at most games but also like them a lot

So I’m playing Final Fantasy I (thanks to the GBA re-release and the DS’s ability to play GBA carts), and I realize it is extremely difficult. How did people play through this when they were 8 years old? Without Gamefaqs?!

My first experiences with Final Fantasy were 7 and 8. Both of which are basically interactive movies with a linear path that guides you along every step of the way. I also recently played through the FF III remake on the DS, and even that pretty much let you know what to do and where to go every step of the way. But the very first one? Many times I felt like I was expected to just wander aimlessly until I stumbled upon a town or a cave that would open up the path to further the story. Even when there was a hint about where to go next, it was extremely vague. Plus, I had no idea how to pull up a map or even if there was one. PLUS while you’re wandering you get sucked into random encounters every 2 seconds and become completely disoriented. Or dead. I gave up.

I almost traded it in, but I’m glad I didn’t, because on a whim I pulled up a walkthrough and started playing through using that. I’m loving it now. Oh, you hold B and hit select to pull up the world map! Why didn’t I think of that? I always know where to go now, where the treasure is, the best strategy to beat the bosses, and… it’s fun. It doesn’t seem like it should be fun having someone hold your hand the entire time, but it is. What does that make me? Where was I going with this? Why am I writing this instead of getting real work done? Should I even post this? No, I should not.

11 thoughts on “I suck at most games but also like them a lot”

  1. Yea guides are for people who are too old to dedicate 100 hours a week to video games. I have learned that I fall into that category now that I’m 12341234234 years old. I always buy a guide with a game now it just makes it more fun.

  2. Yeah, the only downside is being tethered to a book or website when you want to play, which sucks for handhelds.

  3. Teach your son to read by making him read gamefaqs to you as you play. Little kids are like talking computers when internet enabled.

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