The Manhunt

In the middle of the night last night, we awoke to the sound of a helicopter flying back and forth over our house. It was shining a spotlight in our yard, our field, and the woods around our property. A call to the sheriff’s department revealed they were looking for someone in our immediate area, and to notify them if we notice any “suspicious activity” around our residence.

Now, this is probably about 3am. We live pretty much in the middle of the woods with no visible neighbors. We were freaked out. I almost smashed through the front window clutching a fire poker ready to defend my family when I heard a noise that turned out to be an opossum eating the food we set out for some stray cats.

Luckily they found the guy a couple hours later, but those were some tense couple of hours. At least Nathan let us sleep for about 30 minutes before deciding it was time to wake up again.

15 thoughts on “The Manhunt”

  1. I had a fire poker! If I had a gun in the house, every night would be a scary night. Even when there are no manhunts.

  2. Your 19 dogs aren’t enough protection?
    If you had a gun you could have a wild west shootout horse chase if you can somehow get the dirty felon to steal one of the horses so you can give chase on the other. Dirty felons always have a gun so don’t fret about shooting an unarmed dirty felon.

  3. Justin B.:
    Sean R.: whoa
    Sean R.: i’m trying my hardest to be impressed because i live in the ghetto
    Sean R.: unless the cops are knocking on the front door cause they need to get into the back yard to look for guns then i don’t bother waking up
    Justin B.: haha
    Sean R.: one time some dude running from the police threw all his shit in our yard
    Justin B.: snap
    Sean R.: and the cops couldn’t get in cause the dogs went mental
    Justin B.: you win
    Sean R.: and!
    Sean R.: the guy got out of jail in one night
    Sean R.: came back the next day asking if he could look for his stuff too
    Sean R.: so that was cool

  4. Our stalker escaped from jail and found out that you were my brother. It’s him… You better buy some dark shades and get a gun. Isaac has a few civil war guns… you can feel safer because Nathan would never be able to figure out how to load it… as a matter of fact… it might take you so long to load the gun, the “looker” man might escape before you get a chance to take action… you might as well give up, move and change your name.

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