Worst sister ever!

I’m the worst sister ever. Kati turned 23 yesterday and I forgot her birthday. I’m so sorry, Kati. Please accept my public apology. You could probably use this to bribe me into doing something I normally wouldn’t do, like walk down the isle in front of 100+ people at your wedding. Happy belated Birthday. I love you.

Happy Birthday, Maya!

Maya Evans is goin (growing) up! She is four years old today. That is one quarter of the way to driving age! Yesterday was her birthday bash and we had fun watching kids pop balloons on a giant trampoline; which is apparently the funnest thing to do ever.

So happy Birthday, Maya! We don’t have very many pictures of you so the best I can do is a slightly obstructed view of you in what appears to be some sort of drug exchange with our son at the park:

They start so young.

Update! My wife corrected me on two points:

Point 1) The party was not yesterday, it was Saturday. I sometimes think of my weekends as one long day, so I’m technically still right…

Point 2) It turns out we do have a picture of Maya that is not actually a picture of our son that Maya happens to be in. Here you go:

Birthday Girl!