A physics discussion

Justin: so do you think the large hadron collider is going to cause a black hole that destroys the entire universe?
Jeff: negative
Jeff: a black hole wont kill the universe
Justin: the earth then?
Jeff: i think that we will
Jeff: i think that man will create a bomb that will implode accidently
Jeff: and suck all matter into a ball the size of grape then it will make a slight popping sound and all will be gone
Justin: so we are in agreement that at some point we will become so awesome that we take ourselves out accidentally
Jeff: yea
Justin: it is inevitable
Jeff: but what man will be trying to create is a toaster that can toast and butter bread in one step
Justin: the ultimate goal
Jeff: so it will be an accident
Jeff: we deserve it too
Jeff: we should not be trying to make woman’s work any easier