Happy Birthday!

It’s Kari’s birthday! She is asleep right now because she is a mere mortal. It is understandable.

Starting today we get to spend another 7 months being the same age. It is weird how time works. Also, I did not buy her a card.

Congratulations, wife! You are over halfway to 50 years old! Let’s party like it’s your birthday! Because it is!

Items of note

Hello there, friend! I got some news for you and it is all true because there is no reason I would tell you something that is not true today.

We done got ourselves 10 or 20 more dogs. We rescued (liberated?) them from other families who did not appreciate how cute they are and were also feeding them Kibbles and Bits (gross!). They are happier here. I am sure of it. We neutered them ourselves.

Other things that actually happened:

  • I traded in my 4-wheeler and my truck and bought another mini van.
  • My Mac became self-aware and refuses to internet until I remove the “I heart my chupacabra” sticker.
  • I deleted the “Snakes on a Plane” song from my iTunes because it was getting old.
  • Last night I went to sleep at a reasonable hour.
  • One of our cats trained all the other cats to give us hugs.