It happened AGAIN!

Remember when I got the red ring of death?. Well I just got my xbox 360 back from being repaired. I played through a couple songs on Guitar Hero to welcome it back. Then later in the day, my son hits the power button… it starts to turn on, then… 3 flashing red lights. It happened again. The same day I got my machine back from being repaired, the same problem started again. I can’t wait to see how many times I have go through this.

Thanks, Kati!

In addition to the excellent book, Kati bought me some very awesome “the office” sticky notes. The only problem is that they are so awesome that I am afraid to use them. If I use them, they will run out!

They’re currently sitting neatly on top of a Rue & Ziffra, P.A. magnet that came with some junk mail which is on top of an empty ziplock bag which is sitting on top of some plain old boring sticky notes which is sitting on top of THE HOLY BIBLE!

Birthday Bash

Maya driving Bill around on the ATV

Shooting BB guns

James teaching Maya to shoot the BB gun

James and Gregg

Nacey is exhausted

Thomas, Kati, and Jason sitting by the fire

Nathan climbing around on Justin

Gregg, Dan, and Thomas

Melted bottle James tossed into the fire