A political post oh no!

Hey there, cybernet readers of my internet website! I usually hate myself for making political bloggerposts but I’m gonna do it anyway. You can leave now if you were expecting links to webcomics or pictures of animals.

I really wish Mike Gravel had a chance of winning. It’s like someone dug deep into my brain to create the perfect candidate and sculpted him (but forgot to make him pretty).

Read this (pdf). You can jump to page 6 if you just want his views on “the issues”.

Or if you just don’t like reading, you can watch this.


Today I am officially over half-way to 50. Do not be jealous of my maturity.

Today’s soundtrack is In Da Club on repeat.

Update: I almost forgot! Happy birthday to everyone else in the eleventwentyeight club! You know who you are!


I think I like the concept of The Zombie Survival Guide more than actually reading the book. I don’t understand why people like it so much. The first few chapters were entertaining, but the more I read, the more tedious it became. I forgot that it was supposed to be a funny book and it started reading like an actual, boring survival guide. It would have been great as a pamphlet. Or a booklet.

I took World War Z off my wish list.