Man vs. Wild vs. Survivorman

1:41:09 AM twohitcombo: yeah, i’m pretty sure bear grylls cheats
1:41:26 AM twohitcombo: someday he’s just going to find a peanut butter tree
1:41:31 AM twohitcombo: and we’ll believe it

6 thoughts on “Man vs. Wild vs. Survivorman”

  1. That’s a fact, Man vs. Wild sucks. It should be called “Man with camera team vs. Wild but only for a day, if I was really a man I would haul my own camera shit and stay for a week.” I guess that would look funny in my on-screen guide though…

  2. So what if he has a camera team, that doesn’t disprove his abilities one bit, it just makes more sense. Survivor man may “rough” it more with his satelite cell phone he always has, but he’s pretty ameture compared to bear! Bear is obviously much more knowledgeable about the enviroment, which ever it may be at the time, and he doesnt sit around and bitch for 7 days about his situation, he finds a way out no matter what, he’s a true bad ass!

  3. That is exactly why survivorman is more awesome though. He isn’t some specially trained ex-government operative. He’s just a dude who picks a spot, does some research and goes and does it. He represents the common everyday man, the common survivorman!

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